Stoker's Manuscript

Stoker's Manuscript - Royce Prouty Read my full review: opinion: This book had so much potential and fell so flat. It is probably the first time I have had a "WTH am I reading?" moment this bad this year. I have to be honest in saying that if I was not reading this book for review, it would have been returned...unfinished. This book started off incredibly strong and I was hooked. About midway, it took the goofiest turn that just had the book collapse. The book in the beginning was intense, creepy and spine-tingling. I thought "Yep, I could see this happening and I would be looking for the "nearest exit." Then, the author chose to go down a path that was SO bizarre that I felt like he was trying to crash the book into a wall.If this book is based off a true story, I would like to know what the story was because it was probably better than what the author had written.