Heart Like Mine

Heart Like Mine - Amy Hatvany Read my full review: http://bit.ly/YEbbKMMy opinion: I must admit that I became a huge fan of Amy Hatvany after reading her powerful novel Best Kept Secrets. Ms. Hatvany has a real talent for getting into the minds of her characters and offering her readers a voyeuristic view into their challenges and pains. This is clearly evident in Heart Like Mine. On that note, I must state that her story paths are pretty clear. Don't be expecting mysteries or gotchya moments. Do be expecting gut wrenching incidents or choices that lead to the characters growth or their demise. I have yet to walk away from the last three novels from Ms. Hatvany where I haven't been holding my breath or been deeply invested in the main character.This book is told in first person point of view from 3 different characters which I tended to find annoying, but I was able to get through it with paying very close attention to who was "speaking".On a side note, I have seen Ms. Hatvany compared to several contemporary women's fiction writers, particularly one in particular that irks me every time I see it. I find this to be incredibly unfair to Ms. Hatvany. Not a single one of her books is formulaic in its' presentation nor has she come in with any sort of agenda in writing them.