The Trajectory of Dreams

The Trajectory of Dreams - Nicole Wolverton Read my full review @ StarsMy opinion: I think this would definitely be my winner of the 2012 Most Unusual Book I read and not in a good way. This book was one of those books, while not scary, is just downright creepy. Ms. Wolverton takes the story of a sociopath, probably on her way to being a female serial killer, and twists it into what people fear the most...being stalked when they are at their most vulnerable...while they are sleeping. Furthermore, we are given insight into the main characters thought processes. A main character who smiles on the outside, yet has deep twisted conversations of what she would like to do to a person inside her head. This book was such a mind-player. It really gave pause for thought as does one really know what another person is thinking. The book jacket description just doesn't give it credit as to the "twisted-ness" written inside its' pages.To boot, we are presented with a well written book that could have been a bit tighter written, but still well written. There is a reviewer on Goodreads who I think summed up this book beautifully in one word. That word...COMPLEX!