The Snow Child

The Snow Child - Read my full review @ opinion: I loved this story. Ms. Ivey was able to capture the desperation, not only of Jack and Mabel, but of the other in the small Alaska town. Like Mabel to Faina, I found myself becoming more and more emotionally connected to Mabel as I watched her continue to spiral downward in her agony in her attachment to Faina.It has been a very long time since a book has been able to wrap me into its' storyline without me knowing it is happening. When I first started The Snow Child, I remember thinking "nice story", before I knew it, I couldn't put the book down and wanted to simply wrap my arms around Mabel. Ms. Ivey was masterful in writing the desperation of the Alaskan outback, which was as depressing as Mabel's story. Yet, ends with a magic only as majestic and beautiful as our 50th state.