The Last Runaway

The Last Runaway - Tracy Chevalier Read my full review @ opinion: I became a stalker fan of Tracy Chevalier after reading her novel Remarkable Creatures. I started the novel at 10pm as something to read before going to bed and ended up not falling asleep until 2am AFTER I finished the book. The characters and storyline she wrote were so engrossing I could feel every part of the book. I also felt that I learned something after finishing the novel.While The Last Runaway was good, I didn't feel the same way. I didn't have that "can't put it down feeling". Furthermore, I thought too much focus was put on Honor's story, particularly the sewing and quilting, versus the Underground Railroad. Now, maybe I missed something.Don't get me wrong. This book had Ms. Chevalier's classic quality of writing, but the "emotional" aspect was definitely missing for me.