Behind Boardroom Doors: Lessons from a Corporate Director - Betsy Atkins Read my full review: had to get into the flow of this book before I really started to appreciate it. It is a collection of articles versus a manual feat. one of the top board directors in areas such as crisis management, the hiring/terminating of CEOs, planning for CEO succession and other topics critical to the effective management of a board of directors.Although the information was critical and concisely written, I would have preferred to see Ms. Atkins write a manual format of a book vs. the collection of articles. This would have allowed her to expound on some topics that I felt were brushed over. This book came off as very superficial as one would see in journal/magazine articles. Had she chosen the other route, I think she could have gone deeper than what a journal article allows for. The book was only 160 pages (including all sections and "housecleaning" items, if that helps, the reader of this review as to understanding the depth of the book.