The Respect Effect: How to Use the Science of Neuroleadership to Inspire a More Loyal and Productive Workplace - Paul Meshanko Read my full review: StarsThis book, which had so many important issues to bring to the forefront of the corporate world, fell very short to me and I must admit that I was thoroughly disappointed. Unfortunately, the author chose to go off on both political and social rants (biased in presentation) that were totally inappropriate to the business world. He clearly has a grasp on the dangers of disrespect to a work environment. I am not sure why he chose to go off on tangents related to Fox News (of course), Congress (Republicans only), a diversity director's PERSONAL racist event (outside the corporate setting). Could he not find enough examples inside the corporate world because I am sure people would be lining up to tell him their stories? There were other examples, but I am sure any reader of this review will get the gist. It came off as very unprofessional for a business book. I can't reiterate enough times, how disappointed I am in this book. This book, outside those incidents, would easily have been a 5 star review from me had he chosen not to divert to examples outside the corporate world OR chosen to write how societal disrespect carries over to the workplace.