Sweet - Valerie Gordon Read my full review: http://bit.ly/14PDSrd or http://bit.ly/19EbMYzMy rating: A very, very rare 10 out of 5 Stars. It is very rare for a cookbook to earn this rating from me. I actually think this is the first one. This cookbook has accomplished this and beyond! My opinion: OMG...how quickly can you say "In Amazon Cart"?!?! If this woman's stuff is sold up in Hollywood...you might actually get me to go there without me having an instant gag reflex! I seriously didn't know I could love a cookbook so much. This book contained GORGEOUS PICTURES (that made me drool!) and would definitely take my dessert making up a notch. On a technical note, the author gave excellent descriptions of necessary terms and equipment complete with pictures. One must note, however this cookbook is NOT for the novice baker. I would go middle-advanced or advanced baker. I, as an experienced baker, learned new techniques.On a final note, I am purchasing the book for the confectionery and "mini"/individual dessert sections alone. That doesn't mean I won't be making the cake and pie recipes though.