No Mistakes Resumes - Giacomo Giammatteo Jim is an executive recruiter. Jim is an executive recruiter with OVER 25 years experience. Jim has looked at thousands of resumes. Jim knows what makes a great resume and what is passed over. I once read that the average recruiter gives a resume a 15 second glance. If your resume hasn't caught their attention, you're done. In the two years I have known Jim, he is a very kicked back guy. Don't let that fool you though. This is a guy who can educate you in the ART AND SCIENCE of resume writing to land your dream job in a way that doesn't make you want to beat your head against your laptop in boredom. From your first resume to reaching that C-suite position, this book has what you need in a very concise, but light format. Examples are given (again with a touch of humor). I look forward to more from this series, as I heard that a career is a marathon...not a sprint.(review copy provided by author)