Great Work: How to Make a Difference People Love - David Sturt Read my full review: opinion: Gotta say that this book should be a "No Duh" book. Unfortunately, we see in corporations isn't. The book's focus was on what we do as individuals to do the best work that we can do? Do we demand the best from ourselves in creativity in our work lives? I have to admit that I did take it that way, but my questions were also targeted towards organizations:1) Do we, as an organization foster our employees to do the best that they can do? 2) Do we encourage creativity in our employees (from front line staff to leadership) to come up with new processes bolstering productivity and products or do we stifle our employees thus stifling our business?Mr. Sturt gives excellent "case examples" and follows up with critical data. My favorite of the entire book were the key take-aways that summed up the chapters with a huge exclamation point.