The Artisan Jewish Deli at Home - Nick Zukin, Michael Zusman Read my full review @ or LOVED this fun cookbook. Although I would skip the fish recipes, the better chunk of recipes were awesome looking and unique. The book included recipes for some awesome bread recipes, blintzes, bagels, briskets, soups. Simply awesome. The pictures complimented the book perfectly. A couple of my favorite points were the list of recommended Jewish delis in the US. They also gave locations/websites to purchase some of the more difficult ingredients.Some may be a bit more difficult for novice cooks, so maybe figure out a way to take a look at it from a brick/mortar store or a library prior to purchasing. A special note on the publisher of this cookbook. I have yet to give cookbooks produced by Andrews McMeel Publishers less than 4 stars. I have ended up purchasing each of the books I have reviewed. This book will also head into my Amazon cart.