Cookie Indulgence:  150 Easy Cookie Recipes - Bonnie Scott There is a special reason that this book received one star from me. It is not for the recipes which are pretty unusual and I will def. make some of them. This book appears to get stuck halfway through and repeats the same recipes...almost in a loop.Although I gave this book one star, if this problem is corrected, I would probably increase my rating. Again, the one star is not for the recipes. ETA: I found when I redownloaded the book, the issue was corrected! As I stated above, I knew that I would love this cookbook and I did. This book, not only has some cool recipes, but some really unusual recipes as well that I will LOVE baking!! Recipes are laid out easily and simply for even the most novice baker. For me as an advanced baker, I loved that there were some unusual recipes that I can WOW family and friends with. There is just something for everyone! So, issues corrected, that is why my rating went from 1 star to 5 stars.