Norwegian by Night - Derek B. Miller Read my full review: opinion: I loved this book but don't know if I would call it Nordic Noir. This book definitely had an American feel (the author is a transplanted American) to it vs. the traditional twisted NN feel. The storyline was still unusual in nature and well written. I would read more by this author. I just wouldn't do it as a classic Nordic Noir read.There was a lot of reference to the Korean War, but was still had some feel of a Nordic Noir police procedural. Too boot, the book was hilarious, but not in a annoying or "overplayed" manner. In my opinion, Mr. Miller has really managed to develop a "hybrid" genre that really worked in this book. Cathy Cole, a Goodread's friend of mine nailed it when she stated in her review "This is a book that defies categorization. It's part thriller, part police procedural, part road trip, part commentary on aging/relationships/dementia-- and it has flashes of comedy throughout. "Read Cathy's full review: