Her Best-Kept Secret: Inside the Private Lives of Women Who Drink - Gabrielle Glaser Read my full review: http://bit.ly/170BMeSMy opinion: As a former addictions counselor who specialized in adolescent female addictions, I must be honest in stating that this is THE WORST book on special populations addictions I have ever read. It was much more of a 196 page drama central magazine article, AA bashing bonanza, and advertisement for an alternative treatment program, which in the way Ms. Glaser wrote about the program I had to wonder if she doesn't have an investment in the organization. The author totally by-passed other cognitive based treatment (support group) options.For those who aren't in the field and imply (or even out rightly state) that addictions counselors will have a hard time with the book because we all focus on the bashing of AA, please research before you write. AA is simply a tool in a counselor's tool bag to be utilized, along with other recovery/support programs out there, such as Rational Recovery as what is best fit for their client. The general population unfamiliar with books on this topic might enjoy taking this book as written. But this should not be accepted as a professional book. Even read by the general public, I wouldn't take it too seriously.Unlike another reviewer of this book, I would state that it was very obvious that Ms. Glaser went into this book with an agenda and fit her research to that agenda. Can I have the 1.5 hours it took to read this book back please?