Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist - Tim Federle Blog review in progressInitial thoughts: Are you serious? A book that combines two of my favorite things...books and drinks? Yep...and this one was pure brilliant creativity! The drinks, for the most part, are unusual drinks that are paired up with books named after them. For the most part, ingredients would be easy to locate (although there are a couple that might need some searching and ordering). There are recipes for drinks for a crowd or your favorite book club. To boot, there is a recipe for a homemade grenadine that will become my only recipe since I can't stand the commercial grenadine and tend to stay away from any drink requiring grenadine. I also love the fact that the author gives summaries of the books, as well. Not all drinks are alcoholic and those which aren't, give YA/Juvenile book summaries. Then, we are given snacks to soak up some of that alcohol.What really made me laugh about this book is that it is written in the format of a classic book with the heavy, cream colored paper and brown ink. I'll say it again, this book was just creative genius! I loved everything about this book that it IMMEDIATELY went into my Amazon cart and will have recipes featured on The Pub and Grub Forum!