Elias and The Legend of Sirok - Edward G. Kardos Read my full review: http://bit.ly/10zC3DnMy opinion: This book is definitely targeted towards a younger audience- I would say middle school or early young adult. However, I read this as an adult and still enjoyed it. When I was approached to review this book by the author, I immediately jumped at it. I am in the process of doing a genealogical search on my great grandparents who came to the US from Hungary and am very proud of my Hungarian heritage, so I have been thirsty for anything that is set in or can teach me about Hungary. On that note, I was disappointed that the story didn't offer a deeper imagery of Hungary. I really felt that it could have been set anywhere. Imagery in any novel is incredibly important to me, particularly if I love where it is set and I really found this to be lacking. I can't see this impacting a pre-teen's enjoyment of a novel though. My overall impression of the book was that it was a wonderful read for a young male reader. This story a nice introduction to fantasy literature with no swearing and clean writing is one that I would let my young reader gladly read. I do agree with another reviewer who felt that the writing could be a bit tighter in his writing, but have to say that I think most young readers would miss this. Another point is that there is a bit of religious/biblical reference in this book. Just be forewarned if that isn't your thing, but young Elias is fighting demons.