Barack Obama and the New America: The 2012 Election and the Changing Face of Politics - James Campbell, Diana Owen, Susan MacManus Read my full review: opinion: I must preface this review by stating I am a huge political junky. I can't get enough of politics and love breaking it down. In my first year of college, I had considered a Political Science major until I sat in my first class and went screaming out the door with the breadth of the information/spectrum of the global political parties! These days, I would probably devour it.On that note, I am also a stalking fan of Larry Sabato. I subscribe to his Crystal Ball newsletter, forward it to people for discussion and have even emailed his center on several occasions to ask questions (and even received responses). I had considered purchasing this book on several occasions, but when I saw it on Netgalley, I jumped at it! In his television and print "appearances" I have found Mr. Sabato to offer the most concise information without being subjected to partisan ramblings on political issues. Sabato and his contemporaries offer insight through breaking down the 2012 election and how it compared to, not only the 2008 election, but also to recent presidential elections. I loved the depth of data given and the ease in interpreting it. Graphs and such were incredibly detailed and polls were plentiful. On that note, I did find there to be some redundancy and crossover in the information that was given in the various essays, which made it very boring in spots to read. Furthermore, in a number of essays, I found that some partisan comments slipped in. I seek out work from this author to avoid it and found myself rolling my eyes when these comments would pop up. A special note: I didn't put this book on my Nook to read and reviewed it on my computer. I felt that it would not transfer well to an ereader due to screen size and the abundance of graphs. I would recommend purchasing the print copy or only reading a ebook copy on a larger screen ereader or IPad.