The MILF Diet: Let the Power of Whole Foods Transform Your Body, Mind, and Spirit . . . Deliciously! - Jessica Porter I have to admit that I could not get past the MILF reference in the title. Not only finding it offensive and degrading, to me, as a human being to refer to that to ANY human being (as the author did in many of the recipe submitters), it just comes off as a really ignorant, immature term and uncreative for a book that the author has to focus on the shock factor in the title vs. the content of the book.Second, as the author is a psychotherapist, I found a whole lot of the writing to come off as "psychobabblish". I found myself rolling my eyes a whole lot there too!Finally, the recipes were interesting, but may be difficult to find some of the ingredients. Also, as mentioned previously, the author continued to refer to recipe submitters as MILF which was like a knife in the gut being continually turned.I was looking for a quick review for my read list, but I really want the time back that I dedicated to this book.