Rage Against the Dying: A Thriller - Becky Masterman Read my full review: http://bit.ly/ZfjpZGMy rating: 3.5 Stars (bumped up to 4 stars for Goodreads and Amazon) My opinion: Gotta say when I first started to read this, I was HOOKED and it was a 5 star read EASILY. It reminded me of one of my favorite shows, THE FOLLOWING, with its twisted storyline and characters. I loved the crimes as they were presented more unusually than what is normally out there in your standard crime novel. I was loving that a Goodreads reviewer said that it was a book not to read while eating and I felt the same way.About half way through, the book really became mild in my eyes. The edginess softened and I found I could push the book aside. Still well written. I would still seek out more from this author. I couldn't see what some of the reviewers were saying regarding the "not eating while reading this book" I would call the later half much more of a psychological thriller.