The Offering: A Novel - Angela Elwell Hunt Read my full review: opinion: I must admit when I started this book, I was rather bored with it. I found it to be predictable and I questioned the possibility of what the author was writing. In fact, I didn't find the book to bee anything special much like most of the other Women's Lit books I have read. Around page 175, the book took off and went in a way that I didn't see coming. The author rolled out the storyline and had it come to ahead within those pages and the ending, which I still found to be a bit predictable, but still decisions and resolutions made that had me thinking. This book ended up being a really pleasant shocker to me!I still question some of the DNA stuff, how she obtained it and the legalities of the entire situation, but that is how I flow. I no longer question it...I just let my reviewing flow!