Three Graves Full - Jamie  Mason Read my full review: opinion: I have a confession to make; I don't know who the Coen Brothers are. When a Goodread's friend explained the movies that they had made, I realized I was not a fan of those movies. I think if I had known who they were, I probably wouldn't have requested this book. I found this book to be incredibly superficial in its writing. Furthermore, I found it to be more silly, not funny, than mystery (again, reference Coen Brothers). I bored very quickly with the storyline that I feel failed to match up in mystery to its book jacket. I ended up starting it on the ebook that was sent to me by the publisher, but finishing it in the print version from my library. I thought that would help me to like the book better, but it didn't.Would I recommend? : I have decided to leave this open. I personally would not recommend this book; however, I have numerous Goodreads friends who LOVED this book, including one who purchased copies to host a Goodreads Giveaway. I do think that the reference to the Coen Brothers movies is incredibly important as to one's opinion of this novel.