Dark Tide - Elizabeth Haynes Read my full review @ http://bit.ly/Y4Eo5eMy opinion: I had an incredibly difficult time getting through this book. I read and reviewed the author's previous release, Into A Dark Corner. Although, I thought the book was ok (I gave it 3 stars); I wanted to review other works by this author before giving my final impressions.I must say that I found the writing in this book to be quite amateurish. It was definitely not what I would expect out of a second release. There was a level of abruptness and "jumping" around in its storyline that left me scratching my head. I really didn't find any of the characters "approachable" or "likeable" and found myself investing little in them. Finally, I found it to be incredibly predictable with little in the way of twists and "AHHHH" moments.