House of Earth - Woody Guthrie read my full review: opinion: I will never forget an outraged Dennis Green, coach of the AZ Cardinals, after a butt whoopin' by the Chicago Bears in 1996 screaming on the podium "They were who we thought they were!" Well, in regards to House of Earth, it is what I thought it would be. Think progressiveness and those mean, mean corporations. Predictable, boring, foreseeable in plot! Had it not have been Woody Guthrie who wrote the book it never would have hit my TBR shelf, but I gave it a shot because he did write it. My really, really bad!To boot, the book is written in colloquial prose style which made a book which should have only taken me about 2.5 hours to read dragged out to 5 hours. It is only 240 pages for cryin' out loud!I will say that it was a pretty risque writing for being written in 1947. Had released, I could have seen this hitting the banned books list before one could say "corporations suck!"