The Imposter Bride: A Novel - Nancy Richler 3.5/5 StarsFirst off, I must say that this book was TOTALLY different than what I had expected it to be. In my opinion, it was much more of a mystery with little focus put onto the "bride" than what the book jacket let on. However, I loved the mystery and the unusual storyline of the book. Second, there was something that was "off" in this author's writing style. I can't put an exact finger on it, but it seemed as though there was some serious disconnect at certain points of the story, while other parts were simply engrossing. On that note, though, I did read this book in a couple of hours and had a very difficult time putting it down. I was going to purchase this book from Amazon Canada when I first saw it was released, but am very happy I waited for it to be released in the US and grabbed it from my library.