The Burning Air: A Novel - Erin Kelly Read my full review @ Synopsis: My opinion: Ms. Kelly's books are always such a treat and The Burning Air is yet another one of those treats. I always liken her books to the "theory" of placing a frog in a pot of cold water on the stove and turning up the heat slowly. One doesn't know what is hitting until it's in their face! Her novels always start off pretty innocently with only hints of what is to come and then methodically reveal a plot so twisted that leaves readers asking what is real and what is imagined? In this case, it just happens to be who is evil and who is good?Told from 5 points of view, each character releases a bit more about the story. Normally, I hate multiple POV stories, but gotta say that this one really, really worked for me. To boot, we can't overlook Ms. Kelly's superb writing style that fine tunes with each release from this author. All add up to another rockin' masterpiece!