Snorkeling the Florida Keys - Brad Bertelli Read my full review: rating: 1.5 Stars (2 on Goodreads; Amazon) My opinion: I was so excited when I was approved for this book from Netgalley. I was disappointed when I got into reading and reviewing it though. This is a BEAUTIFUL area to dive. I absolutely loved it. With how gorgeous the area and the marine life is around it, the author included ABSOLUTELY NO photos of the fish, etc in the book. The author discusses fish that inhabit the area to look out for, but has no pictures of them. How would a novice snorkeler know what they are looking for? To boot, all photos included in the book are all historical photos. It was bizarre!Second, the author focuses too much on the history of the area versus tips and tidbits to snorkeling in the area. The author has written books on the history of the area, so I am not sure why so much time was put into it in this book which is specifically about the activity. It just didn't make sense to me.