Red Madrassa - Terah Edun Read my full review @ rating: 3.5 Stars My opinion: I intentionally went into this book from a young reader perspective and consider this novel a nice intro to the fantasy genre for the younger reader. The adult reader may find this book to be kind of juvenile in its' storyline.I thought the story flowed well after the beginning and would definitely keep a young reader's interest. In the beginning, about the first quarter of the book, the author jumped around with multiple points of view. I found that very distracting to the storyline and pretty unnecessary to the book. I must admit that I did find it similar to the Chronicles of Charanthe series by Rachel Cotterill, but that is a series I enjoyed, as well, so I mean that statement as more of a compliment. I think there were a couple of scenes and language that I would not want my young reader to read, but it was not pervasive enough to the point that it would stop me from allowing them to read the book. I just might be willing to discuss with them, if need be.