A Gluten Free Taste of Turkey - Sibel Hodge I was shocked how much I enjoyed this cookbook from Sibel Hodge. She had a remarkable variety of recipes within the cookbook ranging from appetizers, such as hummas and feta dip, to desserts, such as figs in syrup. Even drinks of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety are included! The kebob recipes and some of the "casserole" type dishes are BEAUTIFUL!I did find that for it being released in the US, there were several ingredients that it might be hard or dang near impossible for us to find, such as Hellim cheese, rocket and rak1 and didn't offer potential substitutes. I must say that for the other recipes...oh my goodness!I know that I do plan to feature some on my food blog because they looked that delicious and unusual. The author gave me a copy of her cookbook for review, but this is one that I would have purchased had I had a chance to take a look at a sample of it first.