On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young Read my full review @ http://bit.ly/UFOU40My opinion: I expected a whole lot more from this book than what it delivered. This book has a large number of higher ratings, particularly from Goodreads friends of mine. I found that very little was done in the way of character development and more focus was done on describing sex scenes. That only goes so far in my book. Now, I must admit that it is considered erotica and while erotica works for me, I like when it goes kind of dark. With the "relationship" between the two main characters, I think the author could have gone darker than what she went and it was for that reason that I felt the book simply dragged on. It was very superficial in nature, from the entire cast of characters to the setting, in my humble opinion. I also noted a ton of redundancy in the writing which had me rolling my eyes throughout the read.