Never Coming Back - Hans Koppel Read my full review @ opinion: I must say that I read a ton of Scandinavian/Nordic Noir literature. I co-moderate a Nordic Noir group on Goodreads. This book failed to tickle any sort of my fancy.Unlike its' contemporaries (and what I love most about the genre), I found the writing totally bland to the point of being vanilla. There was no excitement. No transitions. It simply was. One of the great things about Nordic Noir is its' STRONG character development and "twistedness" in storyline. This book lacked all of that.Second, the use of grammar, particularly the lack of use of quotation marks, threw me off. I had to guess if it was characters saying things or the author setting scenes. Several times I had to go back and reread sections, which normally doesn't turn out well when I need to consistently do this!