Bootlicker - Steve Piacente Read my full review and fascinating author interview @: My opinion: Steve Piacente is a dynamic writer. His books are fast paced and engrossing. His book, Bella, was a "can't put it down" for me and Bootlicker was the same way, reading it in a 3 hour sitting. Piacente writes incredibly strong characters and weaves captivating, deep storylines with a mystery that hooks the reader from page one. I took half a star off my rating for the book because the book was written phonetically. Until I contacted the author, I had really thought that the book didn't have editing that would have been out of character for what I had read previously by this author. In my opinion, I would have liked to have seen an author's note or something like that explaining this. For me, it caused a lot of distraction which impacted my reading because it was confused with grammarical errors. I think with an author's note, this would have been prevented.