Garment of Shadows - Laurie R. King Read my full review @ opinion: While I am a HUGE fan of the Mary Russell series, I simply wasn't a fan of this book. For lovers of historical fiction/mystery, the Mary Russell Holmes series is a must read. On that note, I found myself very bored not only with the setting of this novel, but with the flow of the novel. The storyline was incredibly slow moving compared to others in the series and I didn't find the characters, minus Holmes and Mary, really approachable or devloped. The friend who actually recommended this series to me, I think, summed it up beautifully when she stated "there was too much politics in this book and not enough action." On that note and the reason it was bumped up to 3 stars versus down to 2 stars was of Ms. King's impeccable research into her books. This book was no exception. I always come out learning more about a period of time when Ms. King writes about it. In my opinion, it makes a book much more authentic and Ms. King always takes her readers on that journey. Finally, Ms. King has mastered the art of writing in the language of the time, which brings a sense of authenticity to the novel, as well.