Revenge - Yōko Ogawa,  Stephen Snyder Read my full review @ opinion: I have always loved Japanese horror films and have found them to go beyond the realm of the human psyche in playing with one's mind. I have been finding in my expansion into Japanese mystery and horror literature. It is always very different and has a unique pulse to it.On that note, Revenge was no different. The stories were so twisted in their premise that they held a life of their own. There also seemed to be an eerieness to it that simmered underneath the surface. I also loved how each story had an aspect to it that fed into the next story. On a final note, I am normally incredibly tough on short story authors. I can count on one hand the number of reviews I have written in which the piece has received higher than three stars from me. In my opinion, short stories are much more difficult to write due to a demand for conciseness yet developing of characters which most authors fail at. I am always in for a special treat when I find an author who can do it and Ms. Ogawa is one of those authors.