The Mexican Slow Cooker: Recipes for Mole, Enchiladas, Carnitas, Chile Verde Pork, and More Favorites - Deborah Schneider Read my full review @ opinion: As an absolute lover of Mexican cooking, I have made several recipes from this cookbook and absolutely love this book. I will be purchasing this cookbook.The recipes are fresh and, for the most part, restaurant quality. Furthermore, they are laid out with very simple, easy to follow steps. However, there is much more prep time in these recipes than I have seen with other slow cooker cookbooks.I do have to disagree with the Goodreads description of this book as being a "fix it and forget it" cookbook. It is not. For the most part the slow cooker is used for a portion of the cooking time, but further stove or oven "finishing" is needed for a chunk of the recipes. Also, there is a much "prep" time required for recipes. This isn't a cookbook to look at like a Stephanie O'Dea cookbook. On that note, though, the recipes in this book aren't Stephanie O'Dea quality recipes. These are recipes that, minimally, I would gladly use in my entertainment dinners and that, as I stated before, are restaurant quality. This is why I have stated that this book isn't for a novice cook. ETA (11/01/2012): In continuing to make recipes from this cookbook, it has come to my attention that the author has misused cooking temperatures in the crock pot. She frequently directs to use a low cooking temperature however using a low temperature throws off the cooking time. Use either a high cooking temperature and maintain the cooking time directed in the book OR use low setting, BUT double the cooking time. Normally, I would rip apart a cookbook that makes this serious of an error, but continued feedback from the dishes made in this book is that they are restaurant quality. I contacted the author through Goodreads PM, but she failed to follow-up with me.