Lip Service - M.J. Rose Read my full review @ opinion: First off, I need to disclose to the readers of this review that I am a huge M.J. Rose fan. She has shown herself to be a master at writing within a diverse number of genres with a smoothness YET grittiness that leaves readers holding their breaths. On that note, this one didn't quite do it for me. I could tell that this was a prequel to the Butterfield Institute series which currently has 3 books in it. I have read 2 of these books. Also, as I did research for this book, it looks like it was originally released in 1999, which also explains why her writing appears to be SLIGHTLY more amateurish than her polished writing demonstrated in her more recent releases. Now, as stated previously, Ms. Rose writes within several genres...historical fiction, which is my favorite of hers. Second is (really) light horror and finally, erotic mystery, which is where this novel and those of The Butterfield Institute fall into. Reader beware..when I say erotic, I am not kidding. These books have some gratuitous sexual spiciness in them. If you are turned off by this, DO NOT READ THIS SERIES.