The Secret Keeper - Kate Morton Read my full review @ opinion: I love me some Kate Morton and have read each and every one of her books. Hands down, I consider her to be one of the most original authors I have read. She has continued this tradition of high quality writing in The Secret Keeper. Morton has a history of incredibly strong yet approachable character development. Yet, she has the capabilities to write with engrossing storylines full of twists that leave the readers with a "WTH just happened?" moments. I was sucked into this book immediately and ended up reading a 450+ page book in several hours. I absolutely couldn't put it down and consider this to be Morton's best book to date. On a side note, I received this book from Atria Books as an ebook for review. In the future, I will wait for Morton's books to come out in print as I consider them to be special treats. I didn't like the formatting of the ebook and feel that it did distract somewhat from the story. So, make the investment and grab the book in print. It is well worth the extra couple of bucks!