A Room Full of Bones - Elly Griffiths Read my full review: http://bit.ly/S6rfrkMy opinion: Lovers of Kathy Reich's will enjoy this British archaeologist who gets into as much trouble as Temperance Brennan, but is much more approachable and imperfect than her American counterpart. In general, I feel that the writing of Ms. Griffiths is much more approachable than Ms. Reich's current releases. The books still have the feeling of being fresh and the characters not worn out. Furthermore, I enjoy the characters of this book. As stated previously, they aren't perfect and have their character flaws, so one can generally put themselves into the storyline. The story flowed incredibly well and left me guessing as to the ending. Drama and crime were very well balanced to keep my interest and to get to know the characters. I would like to see scenery developed a bit deeper. I have noted that this is a weakness with Ms. Griffith's writing. I like to feel "that I am in a scene and can picture it in my mind". This is something that I have noted has been missing across the board with all her books, but I do still consider them to be enjoyable despite this flaw. On an ending note,as the books do build off one another and Ms. Griffith's writing is highly character driven, I do encourage readers to read the books in order to have a firm grasp of each character's development.