Playing Dead - Julia Heaberlin Read my full review @: A woman receives a letter stating from a woman that tells her that she is not who she thinks she is, but in reality is the woman's missing daughter. Her kidnapping was also surrounded by several deaths including a family slaughtered in Chicago. Is this true? Is Tommie's childhood a farce? Are there people out there who still think Tommie has secrets to hold and want her dead to ensure they stay that way? My rating: 3.5 starsMy opinion: Although there were aspects to this book that were pretty unbelievable and others that were pretty boring, this book, for the most part, was a real page turner. The twists at the end of the book were real shockers and gave me "WTH?" moments which I love in books. My understanding is that this debut author is actually a journalist so I would have expected better writing from the book, but the unusual storyline was able "prop" it up.