Small Business And The Public Library - Luise Weiss,  Sophia Serlis-McPhillips,  Elizabeth Malafi In today's economy when more and more is being placed on our libraries, this is yet another way a library can form a partnership with the community it serves. On the flipside, with the significant costs of business start-ups, this book gave some key ideas for ways businesses could do it themselves and save on some costs. Although, I think the concept of the book was good, I think it was more targeted more towards the librarian vs. the small business owner. Although, I like the concept and really find libraries to be more of a source to me than colleges, schools, etc. I think there is a level of impracticality in how such a program in this book could be applied in anything less than a large library system, particularly in a small/med. rural library system like I am a part of.