Soup of the Day (Williams-Sonoma): 365 Recipes for Every Day of the Year - Kate McMillan, Erin Kunkel What an incredibly interesting cookbook. I loved the layout of the book and the fact that the author included pictures of completed dishes for most, not all, of the soups. Although some soups were pretty common dishes, for the most part these were unusual, global recipes, with some being downright exotic. I must admit though that I am a bit perplexed as the author does have a couple stew recipes, although, when I reseached it, there is a debate on whether a stew is a soup or in a different class. As a very large chunk of these soups really can be considered exotic, I would encourage a purchaser to get a closer look at the book prior to buying it or, at least make sure that there is a generous return policy if you need to.For me, there were at least two handfuls of recipes I would make regularly and another that I would use for entertaining, so this is a book I would be purchasing.