The Crazy Old Lady's Revenge - Kathleen Valentine Read my full review: My opinion: Normally, I wouldn't give a novella a page in my blog nor would I give it a full review, but I must admit I love the writing of Kathleen Valentine. This one was no exception. I truly consider her works to be novels that can go head to head, toe to toe with ANY traditionally published book and I feel sorry for those who snub their noses at an Indie published book because this type of excellence is what they lose out on.A continuance of The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic, readers are given more insight as to the dysfunction of the Thorndike family. Ms. Valentine does this through releasing "clues" methodically while weaving an intricate storyline with multidimensional characters and hints written below the surface.I have to admit that I had to read this much slower than I normally read because there was so much information that came in the least expected places that I was afraid if I blinked I would miss it.