Quagmire Fen - Scott Harper My opinion: I found this novella to be quite silly in its' storyline and language. I simply couldn't get past it. When I had agreed to review this book, I thought I would be reviewing a more of a horror book. It wasn't. I think a good way to describe it would be quirky. For the most part, I love quirky, but it has to have the flow of the story to back it up. In my opinion, this one didn't. I found myself rolling my eyes quite a bit which is never a good thing. Plus, it took me a day or two to read 60 pages, something that would normally take me 1/2 an hour. Source: Author for Review Would I recommend? : The other reviewers of this book have given it 5 stars. I don't see it but to each his or her own opinion. I would suggest reading other reviews on the book, in addition to mine and making your decision from there. Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone