Anatomy of Murder  - Imogen Robertson I listened to this book on CD. I must admit that I have two ratings for this book. First, for the content/storyline of the book itself I rated it 4/5 Stars. I found the story to be incredibly well written and entertaining. I love the setting set in Revolutionary War England and the incorporation of characters from the first book in the series into the second story. The main characters of Crowther and Westerman more developed and more inviting.Now, on that note, I really needed a couple of days to process my ratings and reviews for this book because I chose to listen to it, like I did the first book,Anatomy of Murder. However, I found the narration of this book to be mundane, boring, many other words can I use? I found that I had missed significant moments of the book that I had to relisten to because I had zoned out. Do yourself a favor and read the book and skip listening to this one. If I had based my review on the CD quality, this book would have been given 1/5 Stars