More Murder Mystery Than Paranormal

Bliss House - Laura Benedict


Synopsis: When Rainey Bliss Adams becomes a widow after an accident that killed her husband and permanently disfigured her fourteen year old daughter, she decides to move back to her family homestead, Bliss House, in Old Gate, Virginia. Bliss House isn't an ordinary farm. It has decades of mysterious disappearances and death. The most recent occurring the night of her homecoming party. Who is behind the murder? Will Bliss House give up its secrets?

My rating: 3 Stars

My opinion: Gotta say that I had more hopes for this book than delivered. I had more hopes for this book to be scarier than what it was. The premise of the book was creepy but what was given was far more mundane. I must say that I expected a book similar to Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House, but the plot to the book was much too light to support the book's description. The book was more of a murder mystery than a paranormal thriller than I had expected. This was the source of the majority of my disappointment with it.

Source: Pegasus for review

Would I recommend? : Maybe, but there are numerous ones that I would recommend ahead of it.

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand alone