Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind - Mallory Factor, Elizabeth Factor I can tell the reader of this review that the FAR left and union leadership are going to HATE this book so watch for reviews, such as one that is already on Goodreads, that PAN this book or simply hide under a rock and give it one star. The author is bringing information on a topic that is critical for the American public to understand, as it effects every nook and cranny of Americans lives. Told in concise, well documented and researched points, as well as easy to grasp concepts, this book will leave readers with mouths open. For the unions and the government bots that support them...It will be like cockroaches scattering when light is shined upon them.Need insight into the psyche of unions: Some of the greatest lines of the book:"When school children start paying union dues, that's when I will represent the interests of school children." Albert Shanker, American Federation of Teachers"Steve Jobs reportedly told President Obama shortly before his death that until the teachers unions can be broken,there is almost no hope for educational reform.""The key to union wealth and power is FORCED dues contract provisions, which are permitted in twenty seven states and practiced in, at least, 22 states" Is your state one of them that bows down and kisses the asses of union thugs leaving the politicians and union leadership richer on the backs of American workers and taxpayers?!?!" The ultimate check on the growth of the public sector unionism is municipal insolvency" Eileen Norcross (sound like issues hitting cities and states in the US?)