The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life - Glenn Beck, Keith Ablow I feel bad about giving this book 1 star. I had originally given this book two stars, but have since decreased the number to one. I am not giving it this low number of stars because it is a poorly written book or the topic is a bad topic to be written on, but because it is a book that had absolutely no interest for me. I liked reading about Glenn's story, however, when it came to Dr. Ablow's psychobabble, I was definitely lost and my eyes glazed over. It is just not my type of book. Not that I am a heathen, but I also tend to have difficulties with books that revert back to religion alot and this one most certainly does. If this is what you were thinking you were going to read, you will love this book. Me, with who the second author (Dr. Keith Ablow) was, I should have guessed it. The other reason, again going back to Keith Ablow, is a sense of judgemental thought in the area of compassion, particularly focused on two cases, one being Scott Peterson and the second being Charles Manson. There was the basic feeling of needing to show compassion to two vicious murders and that, you know, maybe there was something wrong with your character if you couldn't. Really?!?! This is a book that Glenn Beck probably should have written on his own.