Blog It! The author's guide to building a successful online brand - Molly  Greene Read my full review: If you are a writer or a business owner, BLOGS ARE A MUST! Blogs allow you to develop relationships with your customers that a website would NEVER allow.Ms. Greene takes newbies to the blogging world on a step by step basis by teaching them skills such as: Selecting a blog host Writing/scheduling posts Guest posting Developing a calendar Building blog traffic My opinion: Anyone who knows me for two seconds knows I LIKE CONCISENESS. No fluff for me please and that is exactly what Ms. Greene delivers.Directions are laid out step by step for everything required for a successful blog along with detailed reasons on the directions given. She has included every topic and applications from her own experiences that a blogger will need.Coming from a business background, not only would this book be applicable to authors but could cross over to novices blogging in the business world. For $2.99, this book is a must purchase for your business collection. Yes, indie authors...I am speaking about you too!