Great information wrapped up in an awful infomercial

The Webinar Manifesto - Matt Murdoch, Treion Muller

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My opinion: Although the authors had some very important advice and points on webinar construction, I felt that the book was rather juvenile in its presentation. This made it very difficult to get past what the authors were trying to educate the readers in regards to. For example, language choices used through out the book such as the word "webbeny", the glaring red graphics, typeset and layout  in the book reminded me of an infomercial where the product is good, but the "announcer" is annoying.  

Frankly, if this book was targeted towards the general audience I would be fine with its presentation. Given that it is a professional book targeted towards marketing professionals, with my 13 years in the field, it isn't a book I would take seriously given its format.